Denmark's Food Festivals

Copenhagen Cooking, one of Europe's most prestigious food festivals, was founded by the Danes to honor Copenhagen's and Denmark's culinary heritage.

Throughout the festival, top restaurant chefs will pay tribute to the country's Nordic cuisine tradition. The festival includes over 100 distinct activities ranging from small dinners with Danish chefs to massive cuisine festivals attended by thousands. During Harvest Feast, 1,500 people eat at a 1/4-mile-long table on Frederiksberg Allé (Hstfest). The meal is prepared by eight neighborhood restaurants in collaboration with local farmers. The Harvest Feast tickets are DKK 300 (approximately $44) and include a three-course dinner from one of the eight participating restaurants.

When you buy your ticket, you choose which restaurant(s) you want to try because each one has its own menu. Attendees must, however, bring their own plates, utensils, and so on.

Fortunately, Frederiksberg Allé has stores where you can purchase cutlery for the occasion. You have the option of purchasing drinks at the bar or bringing your own. Tickets will be available for purchase on the Copenhagen Cooking website after June 25.

Helsinki Baltic Herring Festival

It is not yet established, but it usually occurs around the first two weeks of October.

Every October, fishermen dock their tiny boats at Helsinki's Market Square pier to sell their catch. Throughout the area, there is a lot of herring prepared in various ways, as well as other meals. Two of the fair's events are a competition for the best herring dish and a race of classic sailing ships. Despite being a niche festival, Silakkamarkkinat is an old tradition in Helsinki that has been held every year since 1743.

2022 Taste of Helsinki The date has not yet been set, despite the fact that it is traditionally held in June. Taste of Helsinki, Finland's largest gourmet food and wine festival, will bring something unique to food festivals in Europe in 2022. In addition to other activities, twelve of the city's top eateries, including three Michelin-starred establishments, will prepare a picnic lunch for you during this festival. There's plenty of beer, wine, and champagne to go along with it. If you're traveling throughout Scandinavia, you might be able to time your trip to coincide with the event.

The annual Honfleur Shrimp Festival draws tens of thousands of visitors to one of Normandy's most beautiful historic ports and one of France's best tourist destinations for the fierce shrimp-peeling competition.
Honfleur Shrimp Festival (La Fête de la Crevette)
There are also performances, an arts and crafts market, and plenty of sea shanties as vintage ships congregate in Honfleur's port. In addition to crevettes and other seafood, the festival menu includes plenty of Calvados and cider, as well as cheeses, meats, pastries, and bread.

If you're looking for a small-town celebration with a culinary theme, head to Gourin, Brittany, for the annual Crêpe Festival on the last weekend in July.

Here, in its 27th year, you can sample galettes, the region's famous buckwheat pancakes, as well as crêpes. Watch the competition to make the world's largest crepe. There is also a lot of music and dancing, which is done in traditional attire.

Fête de la Crêpe (Crêpe Festival) in Gourin